The Concept

A complete nutrition dog food with high meat content, a carefully designed blend of quality ingredients and no junk, all pressed together!

So, what is cold pressed dog food?

It’s the best way of producing a dog food that preserves the nutritional integrity of the ingredients, that’s what.

Standard extruded kibble dog food is pressure steam cooked at very high temperatures (140 degrees Celsius!) and then baked to remove moisture, losing many of the nutrients, to the extent that flavourings and additives have to be sprayed onto the food post-production.

Cold Pressed dog food is made by taking great ingredients, mixing them, and pressing under low temperatures (40-44 degrees Celsius) to get a naturally softer, more dense, complete nutrition dog food.

So this makes a difference?

Absolutely! The lower temperatures are the key to locking in natural enzymes and vitamins, as well as retaining fibre and molecular structures.

This gives us much more scope to include vegetables and botanicals that might normally lose their nutritional benefits in a standard extruded kibble process.

The result is we have created a dog food that is by design and by its nature, gentle on tummies and great for joint care.

The Benefits


Extruded Dog Food

Processed at temperatures of 140°C and above.

Cold Pressed

Our cold pressed dog food is made by carefully mixing the finest ingredients together, before pressing them at low temperatures between 40°C – 44°C for a few seconds.

Extruded Dog Food

Standard extruded dog food is of low density and porous. It swells and expands in your dog’s tummy, takes a long time to break down and can cause bloating.

Cold Pressed

Our cold pressed dog food breaks down quicker and is easier to digest, so it can get to work powering your pooch onwards!

  • Easily digestible
  • For all life stages
  • Promotes good gut health
  • Supports joint wellness
  • Junk free
  • Grain & gluten free
  • With vegetables & botanicals
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Gently pressed to preserve nutrients
  • 100% recyclable bag*

What Else?

Well, because Cold Pressed dog food is more dense and softer than standard extruded kibble it breaks down quicker in the stomach, making it easier to digest and keeping your pooch fuller (and happier) for longer.